Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to publish a letter, an ad, or an article in the newspaper.

Our organization shares historic copies of hundreds of newspapers online. We aren’t affiliated with the current publishers of newspapers and don’t have any way to provide your content to them. You’ll need to reach out to them directly.

I’d like to purchase a yearbook.

We share yearbooks that are borrowed from archives, museums, libraries, and similar organizations. We do not keep physical copies of yearbooks. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find hard copies of old yearbooks beyond checking online auction sites. Another option is to reach out to the school, if it is still in operation, or the school district to see if they have any suggestions.

Why isn’t a specific yearbook on your website?

We rely on our partner organizations to share yearbooks with us for scanning. If there’s a yearbook missing from our site, it either doesn’t fit our criteria or we haven’t yet had a partner come forward to let us borrow it for digitization. If you have yearbooks you’d like scanned, get in touch.

I’d like to donate some items for your site.

Thank you for your generosity! The Digital Heritage Center isn’t a collecting organization, so we don’t accept donations of materials. We suggest reaching out to museums, libraries, or other cultural heritage institutions close to your home or related to the items you’d like to donate. If you need suggestions, contact us and we can try to help find a good home for the items.