How to Print on DigitalNC

There are three different image viewers on DigitalNC. In all three, the most reliable way to print involves first downloading the image you want to print. 


City Directories and PDF Items

City directories and a select number of items that are only in PDF format will be in a viewer like the one shown below. On a desktop computer, you can print by clicking on the printer icon in the upper right, marked with a red arrow. 

A screenshot of a city directory inside of the PDF viewer

Different browsers will act differently after you click the printer icon – some will download the file first while others will appear to go straight to printing. Be aware that this works on the entire item, so if it’s made up of multiple images all of the images will be downloaded and printed. There isn’t a way within the viewer to print image by image at this time.

All Other Non-Newspaper Items

The rest of the non-newspaper images will show up in a viewer like the one shown below. To print, first note the page number shown at the top of the viewer (marked with a red arrow).

Screenshot of the Universal Viewer showing a yearbook two-page spreadThen, scroll down to the bottom of the web page where you’ll click this Download button.Screenshot of the download, formats, and add to list iconsOnce the list expands, you’ll be able to scroll to locate the appropriate file to download and then print.


Newspapers will show up in a viewer like the one shown below. To print, you can choose to download a PDF of the entire issue or a JP2 file of the single page (shown with the arrows).

Screenshot of the Charlotte Democrat 1873-12-02


Alternatively, you can print a portion of the page by “clipping.” To do this, zoom into the area you’d like to print and then click the “Clip Image” icon.Detail view of the Charlotte Democrat 1873-12-02

That portion of the paper will appear on a new web page. If you right click on the image, you should be able to select an option from the menu that allows you to download or save the image so you can print it. The screenshot below shows an example of this using Google’s Chrome browser.

Clip image screenshot with detail of the Charlotte Democrat paper.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Updated January 31, 2019