Social Media

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center uses social media to connect with users and partners, share information, and promote the collections available online at Current social media tools used by the Center include:

  • DigitalNC Blog
    The Digital North Carolina Blog includes announcements about new partners and new additions to DigitalNC, news and updates from the Digital Heritage Center, and highlights from the collections.
  • Facebook
    The Digital Heritage Center uses Facebook to share blog posts and other updates and to connect with partner institutions.
  • Flickr (not currently active)
    The Digital Heritage Center Flickr collection includes selected photos from DigitalNC, primarily from the newspaper and yearbook collections.
  • Tumblr (not currently active) and
    The Digital Heritage Center posts photos both to its own tumblr and collaboratively to the Wilson Library tumblr, in an effort to highlight partner materials and to represent its affiliation with the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Twitter
    The Digital Heritage Center uses Twitter to share highlights from the DigitalNC collections and to connect with other digital library programs in North Carolina and beyond.


Regarding etiquette and post moderation, we adhere to UNC Libraries’ social media policy.

Regarding the posting of materials, partners may opt out of having their materials included in the Center’s social media outreach at any time, either as a whole or with reference to specific images.

We will do our best to credit the owning institution and link back to the original item at We may omit one of these on Twitter, if brevity is required to meet the character limit.

We forward all questions and comments related to the items that were scanned to the appropriate partner institution.

Reviewed and revised July 2018.