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Your DigitalNC Web Stats (Visitors, Views)

View visitor and pageview information using our Partner Analytics Reporting Tool.

How many items/files are on DigitalNC?

View DigitalNC item and contributor data on our DigitalNC statistics page.

How do I get more people to view my online collections?

Here are some other ways to share your content with more people:

  • Share online. Promote your materials through social media, blog posts, or other online venues.
  • Share on your website. Add links to your contributors page or to individual items from your organization’s home page.
  • Talk about the content. Tell people who come to your organization that you’re sharing your collections online. 
  • Post printables. If you’d like us to send you brochures and/or posters, just contact us.
  • Add more description. Submit additional descriptions or keywords that we can add to what we’ve been able to provide. Ask us for a template if you’d like to get started.

Updated January 2023