Help Topics and Known Issues

PDFs are slow to load.

We’ve recently changed content management systems, and the new system has a different way of loading PDFs. Because most of our PDFs are very large, they load slowly.


Unfortunately, there’s no workaround for getting the file to download faster. We’re working with our system vendor on a better solution for PDFs.

A new search retains facet selections from the previous search.

If you do a search and select a facet from the left-hand menu, subsequent searches done in the same page will retain that facet. This could lead to confusing results.


If you click on the facet(s) check box that’s still selected, the system will give you the broader set of results. Alternatively, clicking on “Advanced Search” or “Simple Search” will clear the facet. The screenshot below shows a search that has been narrowed down to results from 1950. If the box next to 1950 is clicked, the search will again expand to all dates and a new search can be performed.

Search results for the term "riders" with an arrow pointing to the 1950 date facet

Audio files don’t show up.

TIND is working on incorporating an audio player, but the current system does not have the capacity to play audio right in the browser.


Downloading the audio file (usually an mp3) is the only option at the moment. If you scroll down to the bottom of an item page and click the “download” button you’ll see the mp3 file listed, along with a “Download” option on the far right.

Screenshot of a file list an mp3 with download options

“More information” panel in the item viewer is blank.

This is a known issue that we hope to resolve in the future. However no information is missing; you can see all of the item’s information below the viewer.

Screenshot of a photograph in the item viewer with the more information panel open