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The Shore Line (Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.)

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May 1, 1973 – December 1, 2021
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The Shoreline, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

The monthly newspaper of the Town of Pine Knoll Shores began in May 1973 as a two-page 9 x 14 single-spaced newsletter, written by two residents, Betty Doll and Mary Hammon. They realized that residents and prospective homeowners needed a way to get to know each other, share ideas, and learn about what was going on in their newly- formed community. By June 1973, the newsletter had a name, Pine Knoll Shore-Line.  Over the years, the Shore-Line evolved from its beginnings as a mimeographed newsletter to today’s professionally printed newspaper, The Shoreline, still managed by volunteers.  The Shoreline, then and now, helps make the town a community and gives it a recorded history.

There have been a few times when the newspaper was not published, as noted below:

  • 1973:  January – April (First issue was May 1973.)
  • 1977:  October, November
  • 1978:  January, February; April, May; July – December
  • 1979:  January – August
  • 1981: May 
  • 1982:  May 
  • 1992: October
  • 2003: Not published
  • 2004: January – May
  • 2018: October
  • 2020: May

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