Partner Statistics and Analytics

DigitalNC Collection and Contributor Statistics

This information is available through the Collection Statistics page.

Your Institution’s DigitalNC Web Analytics

  • Open our Partner Analytics page.
  • Choose your institution from the dropdown list.
  • Enter a date range.
    If you leave the dates blank, you will get information from the last 30 days.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Click the “Access Google Analytics” button that appears at the bottom of the page.
    If you have not recently logged in with the username and password you received via email, you will be prompted to do so. Contact for assistance.
  • Wait for your information to load. 
    There may be two sections; digital object statistics and newspaper statistics are reported separately. Digital Object statistics are recorded at the object level–e.g., a visit to image 2 and a visit to image 5 of the same multi-image object will be counted as two visits to that object. Newspaper statistics are collected on individual pages.

Related Topics

Viewing Analytics for Yearbooks, Directories, and Other Published Books

If we’ve partnered with you to digitize published books, these are freely available through DigitalNC as well as the site owned by the organization that scans those materials for us, If you report analytics, you should include those numbers too! Contact for details.

My Numbers Seem Low? Should I Still Share Them?

Yes! Any use online is additional use!

Still, there are ways to help improve traffic to a site. We are in the process of choosing our next software for DigitalNC, and are prioritizing the ability to work well with Google and other popular search engines. CONTENTdm, which we currently use for everything except newspapers, struggles in this area. 

Here are some other ways to share your content with more people:

  • Share online. Promote your materials through social media, blog posts, or other online venues.
  • Share on your website. Add links to your contributing institution page or to individual items from your institution’s home page.
  • Talk about the content. Tell people who come to your institution that you’ve worked to share your collections online. 
  • Post printables. Have a “print-on-demand flyer” or other handouts at your institution. If you’d like us to send you brochures and/or posters, just contact us.
  • Add more description. Submit additional descriptions or keywords that we can add to what we’ve been able to provide. We’re thrilled to include more information or edit what’s currently there. Ask us if you’d like to get started.