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Frequently Asked Questions

My Numbers Seem Low? Should I Still Share Them?

Yes! Any use online is additional use!

Here are some other ways to share your content with more people:

  • Share online. Promote your materials through social media, blog posts, or other online venues.
  • Share on your website. Add links to your contributing institution page or to individual items from your institution’s home page.
  • Talk about the content. Tell people who come to your institution that you’ve worked to share your collections online. 
  • Post printables. Have a “print-on-demand flyer” or other handouts at your institution. If you’d like us to send you brochures and/or posters, just contact us.
  • Add more description. Submit additional descriptions or keywords that we can add to what we’ve been able to provide. We’re thrilled to include more information or edit what’s currently there. Ask us if you’d like to get started.