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Granville Newspapers Provide Samples of A+ Student Comedy

A cartoon of two students talking

A cartoon from the March 13, 1941 The Owl

Some say that high school student humor is a bit sophomoric; as evidence to the contrary, we’ve uploaded several student newspapers (thanks to our partner, the Granville County Public Library) that will at least make you smile.

First up are a couple of jokes from the Oxford High School Student PaperThe Owl. These jokes are from their “This n’ That” section of the March 13, 1941 issue.

A joke from the student newspaper       A joke from the student newspaper


This section also includes some stellar student profiles. One “Sophisticated Senior” lists her favorite pastime as “flirting” and her hobby as “catching beau.” A “Silly Sophomore” prefers to spend her time “eating” and aspires to be a “Bulls’ Eye Egg thrower.”

Excerpt from a newspaper articleFor a bit of darker humor, the 1967 senior class of J. F. Webb High School ran an extended graduation joke in the form of a “Last Will and Testament,” describing what each person left behind to an underclassman. 

Items I and II leave “appreciation,” “respect,” and “esteem” to the principal and teachers. Item III leaves “old books,” “battered lockers,” and some hangout spot called “The Cave” to the student body in general. Item IV is where things start to get personal.


Many students opted for the “I leave my book, ‘How to Get Girls to Like You,’ to my friend Tommy” joke. A few, like Ellen Franklin and Wayne White, left treasured spots. Ronnie Daniel seems to be the only one who bequeathed a “kiss, bear hug, and a love lick on the top of his head.”A letter published in the Stovall High School student newspaper

In Stovall High School’s paper, The Breeze, the back page is covered in  miscellany briefs, including “A Second Grade Letter” by Margaret Gill. Even though Margaret didn’t seem to find it funny that her ducks drink so much water, it’s certainly entertaining to read.

An excerpt from a 1958 Proconian

This 1958 issue of Chapel Hill High School’s Proconian didn’t have the established humor section of some previous issues, though it did have a sassy note commenting on current affairs.


The full list of added newspapers (some by students and some for the community) includes:

  • The Owl (Oxford, N.C.) – 1941-1959
  • The Spectator (Oxford, N.C.) – 1967-1971
  • Berea Gazette (Berea, N.C.) – 1923
  • The Breeze (Stovall, N.C.) – 1923
  • Proconian (Chapel Hill, N.C.) – 1958
  • The Granville Enterprise (Oxford, N.C.) – 1914
  • Granville County News (Oxford, N.C.) – 1929
  • Oxford Mercury (Oxford, N.C.) – 1842

To see more materials from the Granville County Public Library, visit their partner page or their website. You can browse all newspapers in our North Carolina Newspapers collection.

New student newspaper issues from Granville County Public Library now online at DigitalNC!

OHS Owl September 1946

The Oxford High School Owl, September 1946

Issues from 8 NC student newspapers are now online at DigitalNC! The issues come from several schools in Granville County and cover news topics like sports, facility renovations, and school events, as well as creative works by students and advertisements for local businesses. The recent batch includes the following newspapers:

  • The Spectator – J.F. Webb High School – Oxford, NC – 26 issues – 1965-1972
  • The Tattler – Oxford High School – Oxford, NC – 1 issue – 1921
  • The Owl – Oxford High School – Oxford, NC – 22 issues – 1946-1962
  • Senior Bulletin – Oxford College – Oxford, NC – 1 issue – 1922
  • The D. N. Hix Happening – D. N. Hix Middle School – Oxford, NC – 1 issue – 1971
  • Viking Press – South Granville High School – Creedmoor, NC – 1 issue – 1963
  • The Early Bird – Orange Street Graded School – Oxford, NC – 3 issues – 1952-1955
  • The Mary Potter Gazette – Mary Potter High School – Oxford, NC – 5 issues – 1957-1965
JFWHS Spectator February 1965

The J.F. Webb High School Spectator, February 26, 1965

The newspapers listed above constitute a new addition to the significant number of Granville County Public Library materials already online at DigitalNC. Visit their DigitalNC partner page here or head to the Granville County Library System website for more information.

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