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10 Cozy Autumn Recipes from the Archives

Celebrate autumn with these warm and hearty recipes pulled straight from the archives!

1. Old Fashion Pecan Pie

Clipping from high school periodical, resumes (1977)

[Columbia High School, Swamproots, 1977]

2. Chili Con Carne

Recipe from society cook book, soups

[Farmington Ladies Aid Society, Farmington Cook Book: Right and Ready Recipes, 1924]

3. Gingerbread Cake

Clipping from community scrapbook, cake recipes

[Little River Home Demonstration Club, Scrapbook, 1959-1960]

4. Rum Balls

Newspaper clipping, The News-Record (Marshall, N.C.), rum balls recipe

[The News-Record (Marshall, N.C.), 1982]

5. Hearty Vegetable Noodle Soup

Newspaper clipping, hearty vegetable noodle soup recipe

[The Carolina Times (Durham, N.C.), 1983]

6. Old-Fashioned Beef Soup

Newspaper clipping, Winston-Salem, beef soup recipe

[Winston-Salem Chronicle (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 1979]

7. Corn Fritters

Newspaper clipping, The Independent, corn fritter recipe

[The Independent (Elizabeth City, N.C.), 1935]

8. Grilled Corn in Husks

Newspaper clipping, Carolinian, corn recipe

9. Spiced Figs

Newspaper clipping, Pamlico, spiced figs recipe

[The Pamlico News (Bayboro, N.C.), 1983]

10. Mulled Cider

Newspaper clipping, Chowan herald, mulled cider recipe

[The Chowan Herald (Edenton, N.C.), 1963]

Scrapbooks, Author Letters Celebrate History of Wayne County Public Library

A postcard with a black-and-white, etched art of the Brooklyn Bridge. Below is the signature of Betty Smith.

From the 1950-1976 scrapbook

The back of the postcard with a message written in blue pen.

The reverse side of the postcard

Our latest batch of materials from the Wayne County Public Library includes some seriously cool scrapbooks that document almost a century of the library’s history. Ranging from 1910 to the 1990s, these seven scrapbooks contain detailed minutes, photographs, newspaper clippings, event paraphernalia and other ephemera. 

One of the most exciting sections is the collection of letters from North Carolina authors—who also happen to be mostly women—in the 1950-1976 scrapbook. Several writers seem to have been invited for readings and events at the library, and they wrote letters back to library staff about their experiences.

A newspaper photo of Betty Smith

From the 1950-1976 scrapbook

One of the most famous writers that visited was Betty Smith, who is probably best known for her novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (there are several materials about her already on DigitalNC, including this video interview). Although she was born in New York, Smith adopted Chapel Hill as her home town later in life and is still buried in the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery. Along with the card that she sent to library staff (pictured above), the scrapbook includes a newspaper clipping with an interview of Smith where she encourages Chapel Hill to resist the push for industry and to preserve its small-town character. 

“I hate to see commercialism,” she said. “They come in and tear up trees that took 200 years to grow, and pile them up and burn them to get rid of them. Then they stick out little trees⁠—with wire holding them up. Why couldn’t we have a shortage of bulldozers!”

A typed letter with the header of the Sanford Daily Herald

The second half of a letter from Doris Betts

Another well-known author included here is Doris Betts, who served as an English and creative writing professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Betts was born in Statesville, attended UNC Greensboro and eventually settled in Pittsboro. In her literary career, she produced six novels, three short story collections, a Guggenheim Fellowship, three Sir Walter Raleigh Awards and the N.C. Medal for Literature. Her archive is now part of the UNC Chapel Hill Southern Historical Collection at Wilson Library.

Other authors included in the 1950-1976 scrapbook include Inglis Fletcher, Bernice Kelly Harris, Mebane Holoman Burgwyn, Bernadette Hoyle, and Mertie Lee Powers.

You can see the full collection of scrapbooks here. To see more materials from the Wayne County Public Library, you can visit their partner page and their website

Business and Professional Women’s Club Scrapbooks Hold Evidence of Mid-Century Advocacy

A black-and-white photo of a group of white women standing side by side

From the 1958 Goldsboro Business and Professional Women’s Club Scrapbook

Thanks to our partner, Wayne County Public Library, we’ve got several additional scrapbooks from the Wayne County Business and Professional Women’s Club. The scrapbooks range from 1948 to 1974-75 and document many of the club’s leaders, events, and impacts in the area.

A black-and-white photo of a group of white women in formal wear

From the 1950 Goldsboro Business and Professional Women’s Club Scrapbook

The Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of North Carolina (BPW/NC) began in 1919 with representatives from Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Salisbury, and Winston-Salem. It grew to encompass several more chapters, including one in Goldsboro. The clubs advocated for women’s interests in the state, like money for a women’s dormitory at UNC-CH and the ratification of the 19th Amendment, and they protested against discrimination, such as that against unaccompanied women in hotels. Today, the BPW/NC still works to “promote the general advancement of working women in North Carolina.”

In addition to photographs, the scrapbooks hold a selection of newspaper clippings, financial records, organizational literature, event programs, and ephemera. You can see the full batch of scrapbooks and club minutes here. To see more materials from the Wayne County Public Library, visit their partner page or their website

New Scrapbooks from McDowell County now on Digital NC

newspaper clipping

Newspaper Clippings of Volunteer Efforts in McDowell County

New scrapbooks from McDowell County Public Library are now available on Digital NC. The new scrapbooks include a wide variety of pictures, newspaper articles, and information about community members who have served in various wars such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and even World War II.  Most notable is the newspaper clipping of the many volunteer community efforts within McDowell County, showing how the community can come together to help others. 

The new collections include previous materials from McDowell County, such as the 4-H Club and McDowell Technical Community College materials.  

Special thanks to our partner, McDowell County Public Library, for the chance to scan these items. If you would like to see more materials related to NC memorabilia, visit them here.  

Memories of the Harnett County Library Programs now on Digital NC


Images from July 1977 in the Harnett County Public Library Children’s Outreach Program Scrapbook.

Thanks to the Harnett County Public Library, new scrapbooks are available on the Digital NC website. The collection includes memories from the Lillington High School Library Club, The Harnett County Public Library Children’s Outreach Program, the Harnett County School Board, and the Harnett County Library Scrapbooks (1967 – 1976 and 1982 – 1989). Included are newspaper clippings, photos of different activities and accomplishments, and much more!  

Special thanks to our partner Harnett County Public Library. To view more from Harnett County, visit their partner page here. 

To view our entire North Carolina Memorabilia collection, visit here.   

Scrapbooks from Mitchell Community College Now Available

Mitchell Community College students posing for a photo

The elected campus leaders for Mitchell Community College 1938-1939. In back, left to right: Betsy Gilliam, Nancy Sloop, and Helene Solomon. Front row, left to right: Martha Dotson (standing), Eleanor Bonner, and Dorothy Cutting. One person is unidentified.

Thanks to our partner Mitchell Community College, we now have several additional scrapbooks about the school from 1929-1947. The scrapbooks primarily contain newspaper clippings from community papers, including the Charlotte Observer, the Statesville Daily, and the Winston-Salem Journal

This batch also contains a few miscellaneous items from MCC from the 1970s, including alumni newsletters and a feature in the Statesville Record & Landmark Bicentennial Edition

Most of the newspaper clippings celebrate the notable happenings at the school or accomplishments of its students, such as the performance of the basketball team or the presentation of a commencement speaker. A few mark historic moments for the school, such as when W. B. Ramsey, president of the school for 14 years, resigned her post for its “strain of duties of this exacting and responsible office—always taxing on her health.”

One topic that comes up frequently in these scrapbooks is the Mitchell Community College A Cappella choir, which performed in “a dozen or more cities” in North Carolina (according to the Statesville Daily in May 1939). The Charlotte Observer called it “one of the outstanding musical organizations in the state” in an article from January 8, 1939. 

Photo of the MCC choir in 1939

The MCC choir, 1939

To see more from Mitchell Community College, take a look at their partner page or their website. You can also view the full collections of MCC scrapbooks and alumni newsletters.

Scrapbooks from McDowell County Public Library now on Digital NC


This newspaper clipping discusses the early conversations on opening a community college for the county in Marion, NC. The college would later become known as McDowell County Technical Community College

Scrapbooks from McDowell County Public Library are now available on Digital NC. The scrapbooks include newspaper clippings from specific events through McDowell County. The scrapbooks are clippings for the local 4- H Club, along with a wide range of clippings from various communities, including the City of Marion and Old Fort. You can also view clippings from the Chamber of Commerce and the McDowell Technical Community College.

Special thanks to our partner, McDowell County Public Library. To view more from the library, including this collection, visit them here.

To see more in our North Carolina Memorabilia collection, visit here.

Three Scrapbooks From Johnston Community College Are Now Available

Thanks to our partners at Johnston Community College, DigitalNC is proud to have three scrapbooks from the mid-1970s available online. These scrapbooks add more memorabilia to our robust collection of Johnston Community College materials.

Covering the mid-1970s, these scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings on all matter of events and happenings at Johnston Community College, including added classes, the musician-in-residence, and new constructions.

To see all three scrapbooks, click here. To take a look at all the JCC materials we have available and to learn more about Johnston Community College, please visit their partner page and website.

More Scrapbooks from Transylvania County Communities Now Online

DigitalNC has recently increased the number of available Transylvania County scrapbooks by 9, building upon our already considerable online collection of over 200. Many thanks to Transylvania County Library for scanning these images and sending them over.

Three clubs were featured in this upload:

These scrapbooks share photos and ephemera documenting club meetings, members, and events. Many community service events are highlighted within their pages. Not only do they give a look into the history of these clubs, but they also reflect changes in the local community. Fastidiously organized, the scrapbooks detail events such as construction of new buildings and beautification projects.

A page from the Cedar Mountain Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbook [1966-1967]. It documents the meeting held on May 18th. Held at the community center, the club members listened to a program on landscaping in the home. The page has a newspaper clipping of the event, two color photos of the members at the club, a clipping of a magazine of trees and plants, and a small, black-and-white illustration of a gardener that reads "Suggestions from the TAR HEEL GARDENER".

Page 16 of the Cedar Mountain Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbook [1966-1967] shows photos from the home landscaping presentation they attended.

To search through all of the scrapbooks from Transylvania County, click here. And to view all other items from Transylvania County, check out our Transylvania County Library partner page.

Grand Lodge Minute Books and Scrapbooks Now Available

Thanks to our partner, The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, a batch of minute books and scrapbooks are now available on our website. The minute books, spanning from 1870 to 1935, come from various lodges including St. John’s Lodge No. 1, Numa F. Reid Lodge No. 344, Relief Lodge No. 431, and Yadkin Falls Lodge No. 637. They feature records of lodge meetings, finances, and references to life outside the lodge including mention of the 1898 Wilmington Massacre. 

Three men posing for a picture,

Three men from the Numa F. Reid Lodge No. 344 posing for a picture.

To learn more about The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, please visit their website

To view more Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina materials on our website, please click here

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