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New Yearbooks from Rowan Public Library are now on Digital NC!

Front Cover of Yearbook
The 1946 Front Cover of “The Torch” from East Spencer High School.

23 yearbooks from several high schools in Rowan County are now available on Digital NC. Included in the new collections of NC Yearbooks are “Spencerian” and “The Railroaders” from Spencer High, “The Torch” from East Spencer High, and “Crisp ‘N Curls” from Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing. The high school and school of nursing yearbooks cover each high school from the early 1920s to the late 1950s, marking pivotal changes for many students during that time.

Special thank you to our partner Rowan Public Library. To see more yearbooks from Rowan Public Library on Digital NC, visit them here. Be sure to check out our massive collection of High School and College Yearbooks throughout North Carolina!

The Immortal Nick Arrington is now on Digital NC

Black and white photo of a house's front entrance and columns, with most of the house obscured by trees
Nick Arrington’s home known as “The Cedars”

Written by Glenn H. Todd in 1965, Digital NC has made available The Immortal Nick Arrington with the help of our partner Braswell Memory Library. Born on December 25th, 1806, Nicholas Williams Arrington would be appointed to the office of Chief Deputy Sheriff of Nash County at the age of 21. He would inherit a vast amount of wealth in money, land, and property after the deaths of his father and brothers. The book written by Todd does a deep dive into the life of Arrington and his many adventures throughout the South before the Civil War in America.

To see more from Braswell Memorial Library, visit them here. To see other items in our memorabilia collection, visit us here.

Handbooks, Reports and More from Roanoke – Chowan Community College!

Zoning Map of Roanoke - Chowan Community College

Zoning Map for Roanoke – Chowan Community College in October 1973.

Digital NC is excited to add new materials from our partner Roanoke – Chowan Community College to our collection. Founded in 1967, Roanoke – Chowan Community College is a two-year community college located in Hertford County, North Carolina. The new items added to our collection include status reports from 1969 and 1975, handbooks related to the goals and objectives of the community college from 1978 – 1979, and long-range plans from the 1990s.

Most interesting in the collection are the expansion plans for R-CCC, including the October 1973 Master Plan. The Master Plan details the new projected additions, such as new classrooms and buildings that would benefit the community college and the community of Hertford County as a whole.

Currently, the community college offers associate degrees in numerous fields and transfer options to different colleges across the state of North Carolina. Visit their website here to learn more about Roanoke – Chowan Community College. You can also find other materials in our R-CCC collection on our website.

Special thanks again to Roanoke – Chowan Community College for their partnership!

Take a Special look into the Greensboro Fire Department!

Photos from Greensboro Fire Department in action.

Greensboro Fire Department photo from 1950.

With special thanks to our new partner, the  Greensboro Firefighters Historical Book Committee, Digital NC now has an extensive collection of photos that explore the daily life of a firefighter.

The images show the hard work and dedication many firefighters put into their jobs to serve their communities. The collection includes newspaper clippings from local stories in Greensboro, images of the firefighters in action over the years, scrapbooks, department photos, and so much more.

To learn more about the Greensboro Firefighter Historical Book Committee, check their website to learn about the rich history of the Greensboro Fire Department.

Check out our NC Memory collection full of images representing the State of North Carolina!



New Yearbooks from Lincoln County Historical Association

yearbook Cover

Yearbook Cover of the 1970 “Retrospect” from East Lincoln High School.

Digital NC is happy to announce a new set of yearbooks from our partner, The Lincoln County Historical Association. With its groovy designs, the yearbooks from East Lincoln High’s “Retrospect” showcase the students from 1969 to 1972 and are sure to take you down a trip on memory lane. The new yearbooks join a vast Lincoln County History Association collection that covers several other high schools, including Rock Springs High, Lincolnton High, Newbold High, and North Brook High.

Special thanks again to Lincoln County Historical Association for their partnership. To see more from their collection on Digital NC, visit them here.

Be sure to check out more yearbooks from high schools and colleges across NC by visiting our NC Yearbook Collection!

Students Tell Their Stories in Person County!

School Catalog
Commemoration Booklet of Student Activities at Roxboro High School from 1929 to 1930
The front page of The R.E.S. Gazette
Front page of the 1961 R.E.S Gazette from Roxboro Elementary School.

Take a deep dive into students’ lives with new additions of newspapers, yearbooks, and so much more from the Person County Museum of History. This batch includes a variety of materials, including catalogs and school yearbooks, like The Hilltopper from Bethel High and The Rocket from Roxboro High.

Also included in this collection of materials are newspapers from Roxboro Elementary (The R.E.S Gazette, 1961), the historically Black elementary school in the county; Person County High School (The Panther, 1961-1969); and Roxboro High School (Rocket, 1953). It is interesting to see the different topics of conversation from elementary students to high school. From diving into the Christmas holiday to stories about students on campus, each of these newspapers gives a small preview into students’ lives in Person County.

The yearbooks in this batch range from 1921-1969 and represent nine schools across Person county. While many are from Roxboro, others come from Woodsdale, Timberlake, Allensville, Hurdle Mills, and Olive Hill.

Digital NC would like to thank our partner, the Person County Museum of History, for allowing us to help make available these new materials. To see more from Person County Museum of History, visit their website or their partner page!

Be sure to check out our wide variety of high school yearbooks, newspapers, and more on Digital NC!

Two Additional Years of the Wilson Trees on Digital NC!


Trees of Wilson Newsletter for the Wilson County Genealogical Society, January 2018.

New additions of the Trees of Wilson from 2018 and 2019 through the Wilson County Genealogical Society are now available on Digital NC. In addition, the local newsletter is sent out to community members interested in genealogy projects for Wilson County.

Many newsletters include detailed research on specific families and organizations within Wilson County, including stories they have found on specific individuals and a list of obituaries.

Still active today, the Wilson County Genealogical Society’s mission is to promote genealogy by educating its members and the general public. Check their website for additional information on their work within Wilson County.

To see the other newsletters in our collection, visit them here. 




Catalogs and Bulletins detail Student Education at Shaw University

Front Cover Catalog

Front Cover of the Shaw University Catalog for the 1918 – 1919 school year.

Digital NC is happy to announce new materials from Shaw University, located in Raleigh, NC. Known as the first and oldest HBCU in North Carolina, the new materials include college catalogs and bulletins from the 1920s until the 2000s.

In each bulletin are courses of study, requirements for students entering the university, a list of faculty and staff, and a list of students currently enrolled. It is interesting to see the university’s differences and growth during this period. For example, during the 1918 – 1919 school year, students would take courses in English, Mathematics, Latin, Chemistry, and Public Speaking. During the 2003 – 2004 school year, Shaw University added a graduate division and Divinity School to their course of study for students.

To learn more about Shaw University, visit them here.

Check out other materials from Shaw University and other memorabilia for HBCUs in North Carolina on Digital NC by clicking on the right-hand corner!

Front Cover Catalog

The front cover of the 2003 – 2004 school year catalog for Shaw University.


New Items added from the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina

Front Cover of Report

Front cover of the report for The Colored Orphanage of North Carolina during 1942 – 1943.

Digital NC is excited to announce new materials from our new partner, Central Children’s Home of North Carolina. The new items include reports from the Board of Directors for The Colored Orphanage of North Carolina from the 1940s to the 1970s. The reports include information about local organizations donating to support the orphanage, a list of staff, school enrollment, and a summary of the activities.

Currently, the Central Children’s Home offers services for youth ages 9 – 21 providing residential care for children and young adults in need for over 100 years.

Special thanks to the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina for making this possible. To learn more about our new partner, Central Children’s Home of North Carolina, visit them here.

To see more materials in our NC memorabilia collection, visit us here.

Newspapers, Church Minutes, and So Much More from High Point Museum!

With special thanks to our partner, High Point Museum,  Digital NC is now added to our collections. The latest items include school newspapers from William Penn High School and Griffin Junior High School in High Points, Church Minutes from the Primitive Baptist Association, The Advocate and Messenger newsletter published in Virginia, and a host of items from the Myrtle Desk Company and the Alama Furniture Company.  

Most unique in this collection is the 1910 High Point Buggy Company catalog. The catalog features a wide variety of High-Grade Buggies for customers to purchase. In addition to the Buggy catalog, High Point, known for being the Furniture Capital of the World, has produced numerous furniture catalogs, from desks to home furnishings.

Picture of High Point High Grade Buggy

Catalog images from the 1910 High Point Buggy Company Designers and Builders of High-Grade Buggers.

The newspapers in this added collection represent William Penn High School and Griffin Junior High School, both local Black high schools in High Point. From newsletters celebrating the 1953 Class Reunion to newspapers discussing the events at the local high school, The Students’ Pen and the Griffin Junior Citizen were staples in the community.  

To see more of our partner, High Point Museum, visit here 

Be sure to check out our wonderful collection of NC Newspapers and memorabilia 

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