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Canvass Books from Montgomery County

Canvass_Book2Primary materials covering political canvassing efforts and election returns from the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Montgomery County, North Carolina are now available at

The State Democratic Executive Committee in Raleigh, NC asked Chairmen in each township to fill out Canvass Books to determine the “political condition of affairs in his County; whether or not there is any dissatisfaction or luke-warmness, and the cause or causes”. The names of voters were recorded along with their political affiliation and race, a category for ‘Doubtful’ was also included. The Committee met weekly to discuss the results and plan how to ensure a Democratic victory.


Loose lists of election returns from Montgomery County during the 1840s – 1890s have also been digitized. Votes were cast on a range of topics including Prohibition, Special Taxes, and members of Legislation.

These materials are shared online by the Montgomery County Public Library.

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