Extra, Extra! Get the Community Scoop From the Ocracoke School News

We’re pleased to announce that 81 issues of the Ocracoke School News from 1950-1959 are now available, including a delightful seasonal issue from 1951. In the last issue of the year, the students from Ocracoke High School complemented their news briefs with hand-drawn Christmas cartoons. Near the staff box, for example, the students added a jolly visitor.

A cartoon of Santa Claus accompanies the staff box in the Ocracoke School News

Santa Claus rides a train next to the Ocracoke School News’ staff box

The news items from the December 14, 1951 issue highlight some local events and the school’s connections to the Christian community on the island, such as the Christmas service at the Methodist Church and the P.T.A.’s Christmas Bingo Night.

The stories also speak to the size and intimacy of the community of the time. One article encourages readers to send Christmas cards to the young men in the military, and all ten members’ mailing addresses are published. Another notes three students with recent birthdays. In the “Island News” section, the staff writer calls out a particular family for talking about their vacation plans too much and details their travel information from the island to Portland, Oregon.

An article from the Ocracoke School News that wishes three students a happy birthday

An article wishing three students happy birthday

An article from the Ocracoke School News detailing the holiday travel plans of one family

An article describing the travel plans of one Ocracoke family











Another article focuses on the native plant yaupon (also called yaupon holly) and its merits as a Christmas decoration since it is “full of pretty berries.” The author also notes that cedar trees grow all over Ocracoke, and that sometimes makes it known to locals as “The Christmas Tree Island.”An article from the Ocracoke School News that describes the merits of yaupon holly

This collection was digitized in partnership with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To see more issues of the Ocracoke School News, click here. To see more newspapers from around North Carolina, visit our newspapers page.

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