More Mitchell Community College Scrapbooks Give More Glee (Club)

A black-and-white group photo of about 30 college graduates sanding together. The front row is seated on a bench.
The commercial class of Mitchell College, 1935

Ten more scrapbooks full of newspaper clippings about Mitchell Community College have been added to our site thanks to the school. Adding to our set of ten previously digitized scrapbooks, this batch spans from 1930-1950 and includes several volumes focused on the 1940s.

Like in the previous batch, these scrapbooks focus on newspaper clippings from a variety of local papers that ran news about Mitchell. For example, in 1935, The Statesville Record ran a full page honoring the 26 graduates, which lists their names and photos in yearbook style. The accompanying article notes that Mary Logan King was awarded a “ten-dollar gold piece” for typing. Her typing speed was apparently 72 words per minute, which is still impressive by today’s standards—and then you remember she was doing it on a typewriter.

A photo of twenty-five adults in tuxedos posing on a stage, preparing to sing.

As a prequel to the praise of Mitchell’s traveling choir in 1939, there is also news of Davidson College’s glee club visiting to perform. According to the news bulletin accompanying the photo, “The Davidson College Glee club is well known all over the state and a large crowd is expected to attend the concert.” It sounds like the MCC choir had a little bit of musical competition.

You can see the full collection of Mitchell Community College scrapbooks here or explore all of their materials in our North Carolina Community College Collections. For more information about MCC, visit their partner page or their website.

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