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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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Yearbooks from Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools now available on DigitalNC

Acorn 1941

From Harding High School’s 1941 Acorn
Left: Superlatives, Right: Athletics

Over 100 yearbooks from eleven high schools in the Charlotte Metro area are now available on DigitalNC.  Included are yearbooks from Charlotte’s first high school, Charlotte High School, with yearbooks dating from 1909.

The collection also includes six yearbooks from two African-American high schools: West Charlotte’s The Lion and York Road’s Wapiti.

Lion 1960

West Charlotte High’s 1960 band from the Lion

The yearbooks are available courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, and all the schools that are available are listed in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Yearbooks digital exhibit.  To view more North Carolina High School yearbooks, visit DigitalNC.

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