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Student newspapers from Greensboro High School now available

Front page of the February 12, 1926 issue of High Life

Front page of the February 12, 1926 issue of High Life

Nineteen issues of High Life, the student newspaper from Greensboro High School, are now available on DigitalNC, thanks to our partner, the Greensboro History Museum. Issues include documentation of significant events in the school’s community from 1923 to 1926, 1941 to 1942, and 1954. Articles cover subjects such as athletics and other extracurricular activities, social events, curriculum information, and social commentary. The newspaper also includes advertisements for local stores, opinion pieces, and cartoons such as the one below, included to illustrate the hope of a new semester:

"Dawn of a New Opportunity," cartoon by Erich Nau

“Dawn of a New Opportunity,” cartoon by Erich Nau

Though this is the first high school student newspaper from Greensboro to be available on DigitalNC, it complements several others from High Point, which is nearby and also in Guilford County. You can browse High Point High School’s student newspaper, The Pointer, here and other student newspapers from across the state here.

To see more from the Greensboro History Museum, you can visit their partner page here, or visit their website for more information.

A variety of new High Point newspapers now online


The cover of the first issue of Elm Leaves, dated October 31, 1938

A new batch newspapers and serial publications from the High Point Museum are now up on DigitalNC. These include new issues of the High Point High School’s school newspaper, The Pointer, as well as the Junior Pointer from High Point Junior High. Also included are issues of an elementary school newspaper called Elm Leaves from the Elm Street School in High Point, issues of The High Point Scout, and issues of The Young American.

Elm Leaves, an elementary school newspaper, offers many treats including coloring pages, stories, book reviews, jokes, and poems by students.

The Young American, published in High Point, also offers stories, poems, and book reviews, but is geared towards a slightly older audience. The purpose of The Young American, as stated in its first issue, is “to entertain, direct, and express the young American,” and the magazine is dedicated, “primarily to the young man and young lady of sixteen and nineteen years.” The publishers further state that at the time of publication, a variety of magazines for younger teens and adults existed, but they found a lack of available magazines aimed at teens aged 16 to 19, and believed The Young American could fill this gap.

To look through issues of these publications, click the links below:

To see other materials from the High Point Museum, visit their partner page or website.

High Point High School newspapers now online



Two students are named the “most-typical” teenagers in a Pointer sponsored contest

50 issues of The Pointer, a student newspaper published by the High Point High School senior class, and provided by the High Point Museum, are now on DigitalNC. The issues span 1921-1954 and provide a glimpse into the lives of students in the High Point area. Although the newspaper was published by the Senior class, it was expressly written for the whole district, including town members, to read. In the November 21, 1921 issue, there’s even a short article about Principal Ada Blair of the Grimes street school using the newspaper as a reading text for her 6th grade class.

Articles highlight topics that include changes in faculty, athletic events, and information on school clubs. Some articles talk about school sponsored social events. In the January 17, 1923 issue of The Pointer, rules are laid out for what activities can occur at a school sponsored party. The rules state that dancing is not allowed as “the majority of the people in High Point disapprove of dancing”, but “suitable games and other similar activities to engage the attention of students attending must be prepared” in order for the High School to sponsor a social event. In accordance to these rules, the Sophomore class came up with an interesting party idea described in the February 14, 1923 issue of The Pointer. Members of the class attended an automobile themed party that included tire changing and radiator filling contests.


Headline from January 17, 1923

For more information about our partner, the High Point Museum, visit their contributor page, or take a look at their website.

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