Cleveland County Genealogy Books now full text searchable

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Above images: The Heritage of Cleveland County Vol. I, page 2 and 3

Thanks to our partner Mauney Memorial Library, genealogy history from Cleveland County is now available on DigitalNC.

Created by the Cleveland County Historical Association and Museum, these volumes document the histories of families and institutions that might have otherwise been lost with the passing of older citizens. County citizens, churches, schools, civic clubs, and other entities were invited to submit stories and material for publication. The volumes include helpful indexes for easy searching and are also full-text searchable, making genealogy research faster and more efficient. This could also be useful resource for teachers working with North Carolina or Cleveland County history.

The first volume is linked below:

To learn more about Mauney Memorial Library please visit the contributor page or the home page. To access more great resources for genealogy and family research, please visit the North Carolina Memory Collection, which contains many items that are also full-text searchable.

Edited December 13, 2016 – At the request of the contributing institution, Cleveland County Heritage Vol. II has been removed from our website at this time.  We hope in the future to have it available to the public.  

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