Cornhuskin’ Controversy in Latest Meredith College Materials!

Thanks to our partner, Meredith College, issues of the Meredith Herald from 2020 to 2023 along with four of the college’s most recent yearbooks are now available on DigitalNC!

The Cornhuskin’ tradition at Meredith College was introduced in 1945 by Doris Peterson, an associate professor raised in the Midwest, to honor the freshman class. Originally called a Husking-Bee Party, the events at first Cornhuskin’ included chicken-calling, hog-calling, and corn shuckin’. Over time the tradition has transformed and adapted to suit the themes and popular culture of the times, with new events, skits, songs, and timetable, but it has always been a way to showcase class spirit and bond classes together.

In recent years, however, that bond and class spirit appears to be diminishing. Articles in the November 11, 2021 issue of the Meredith Herald include discussions of how poor accessibility accommodations coupled with lack of camaraderie have made student attendance at Cornhuskin’ physically impossible and unappealing.

This and other current issues that Meredith students are discussing are now all available on DigitalNC!

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