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Ebony Images Now Available on DigitalNC

Ebony Images Yearbook

Front Page of the Ebony Images Yearbook in 1977.

Digital NC is happy to announce the new additions of the Ebony Images Yearbook from the Black Student Movement at UNC-Chapel Hill. The yearbooks include the years 1977 and 1978. From organizations to the black faculty, the Ebony Images Yearbook gave a glimpse into the lives of black students and faculty on the campus of UNC.

Ebony Images Yearbook

Black Ink was a newspaper written for and by black students on the campus of UNC. Here is a snapshot of the organization in the 1977 Ebony Images Yearbook.

The Black Student Movement on the campus of UNC is a well-known organization that has been around since 1967.  Founded on a mission to embrace a culture distinct from the dominant culture at UNC, the goals of the Black Student Movement are to strive for the continued existence of unity among all its members, to voice the concerns and grievances of its members to the University, to offer outlets for expressing Black ideals and culture and to ensure that the Black Student Movement members never lose contact with the Black Community.

Still active today, you can learn more about the Black Student Movement at UNC by checking out their website here.

To see other materials from UNC-Chapel Hill, check out their partner page.


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