Maps, Panoramic Photos, and additional High School Papers from the Stanly County Museum


Map of Stanly County, published by Brevard Garrison Motor Company

We’ve added new items from the Stanly Count Museum to DigitalNC.

The latest additions to the Images of North Carolina Collection document several different decades of development in Stanly County.

Agriculture, especially cotton, was the primary economic source for the Ablemarle area during the early twentieth century. Wiscassett Mill is one of the oldest cotton and textile mills in the area, and employed many people from Stanly county. The large, panoramic images feature several of the mill’s buildings and some of the employees who kept the operation running.

Three of the four maps document new housing developments planned for the growing area during the late 1930s. The Map of Whispering Pines and Map of Forest Hills are good examples of middle class planned communities that were popping up throughout North Carolina during this period. Forest Hills was Stanly County’s first residential subdivision of this kind. The Map Showing Redivision and Additions Etc. to Forest Hills shows the growth and success of the community after only a short twelve years.

All of these images document the growth of Stanly County, especially in Albemarle, during the first half of the twentieth century. They could be of interest to anyone researching city planning and residential developments or those interested in the economic history of textiles in Stanly County and North Carolina.

In addition, the Museum was able to fill in some missing issues of The Full Moon, Albemarle High School’s student newspaper. This includes an early issue from 1929, which appears to simply be an invitation to a mock wedding upon graduation or some sort of inside joke (of which there are always many in student newspapers.

You can access all of the recent additions from the Stanly County Museum at the links below:

Here are the new issues of The Full Moon:

To see more from the Stanly County Museum, check out their contributor page or visit the website.

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