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New Scrapbooks Featuring Local Baseball Player Bobby Wilson

The Wayne County Public Library has provided three more scrapbooks for digitization. These scrapbooks feature local baseball player Bobby Wilson throughout his time playing for the Baltimore Orioles (1948), Toronto Maple Leafs (1953-1954), and Indianapolis Indians (1952). Mr. Wilson was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, but he played baseball all over the country during his career.

Baseball player jumping and catching a ball between his legs

“Bobbing Bobby” Wilson

Baserunner sliding into home plate while the umpire looks on

A hit by Bobby Wilson drives a run in

Wayne County Public Library has provided a number of scrapbooks about Bobby Wilson in the past, as well as other baseball players and teams. For more information about Mr. Wilson and his career, see these previous blog posts, and for more information and to view the other materials from Wayne County Public Library, visit their contributor page.

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