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The First Batch of Yearbooks from Hillside High School in Durham Now Online at DigitalNC

Group photo of the Hillside High School Band in front of the US Capitol

The 1963 Hillside High School Marching Band on a trip to Washington, D.C.

A new batch of yearbooks from Durham County are now available on DigitalNC, courtesy of a new partner, the Museum of Durham History. Included in this collection are two yearbooks from Hillside High School in Durham, the 1960 and 1963 editions of The Hornet.  Hillside High School was the Black high school in Durham before integration and it remained a high school following integration, which was rare in North Carolina.  The school today has a long, proud history.    

These yearbooks contain individual student portraits, as well as class portraits and photographs of school faculty. The yearbooks also highlight aspects of the student life and student experience, including senior superlatives and class reminiscences. They also contain photographs and group portraits of student councils, clubs and activities like marching band and the school orchestra, the 1963 homecoming and a variety of sports teams. Finally, there is also a memorial in dedication to a student who passed away during the 1960 school year.

The 1960 Dramatics Club at Hillside High School

Follow the links below to browse the yearbooks included in this batch:

This new batch of yearbooks, the first of their kind from Hillside High School, is a valuable addition to DigitalNC. To see more from the Museum of Durham History, please check out their partner page or visit their website.

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