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New Issues of The [Williamston] Enterprise Now Available

The Enterprise header from 1945. The subheader reads: Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina. Tuesday, May 1, 1945.

Photo of a man in a military uniform. Article discusses Martin County resident, Raleigh T. Harrington's promotion to captain in the Army Air Corps.

Captain Raleigh T. Harrington

Thanks to our partner Martin Community College and funding from the State Library of North Carolina through IMLS’ LSTA program, new issues of The Enterprise are now available on our website. This batch adds over 1,000 issues from 1943 to 1954.

The Enterprise was published biweekly and focused primarily on community news such as town meetings, citizen’s achievements, deaths, festivals, and more. A frequent feature in issues published during the World War II years are articles highlighting Martin County citizens who joined the war effort and their accomplishments while in the service.

To learn more about Martin Community College, please visit their website.

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Microfilmed Newspaper Nominations Selected for Digitization, 2020-2021

Back in December, we announced our annual call for microfilmed newspaper digitization. We asked institutions throughout North Carolina to nominate papers they’d like to see added to DigitalNC. As it is every year, it was an incredibly tough choice – we are typically able to choose between 40-60 reels out of over 500+ nominated. This year we’ve chosen the following titles and years.

Title Years Nominating Institution
The Elkin Tribune (Elkin, N.C.) 1942-1949 Elkin Public Library
The Enterprise (Williamston, N.C.) 1943-1954 Martin Community College and Martin Memorial Public Library
Gates County Index (Gatesville, N.C.) 1942-1956 Gates County Public Library
Green Line (Asheville, N.C.) 1987-1994 Buncombe County Public Libraries
The News of Orange County (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1944-1964 Orange County Public Library
The Pamlico News (Bayboro, N.C.) 1976-1987 New Bern-Craven County Public Library
The Pilot (Southern Pines, N.C.) 1965-1968 Southern Pines Public Library
The Smithfield Herald (Smithfield, N.C.) 1911-1925 Johnston County Heritage Center
The Wallace Enterprise (Wallace, N.C.) 1931-1955 Thelma Dingus Bryant Library
Winston-Salem Chronicle (Charlotte, N.C.) 2017-2018 Forsyth County Public Library

For our selection criteria, we prioritize newspapers that document underrepresented communities, new titles, papers that come from a county that currently has little representation on DigitalNC, and papers nominated by new partners. After selection, we ask the partners to secure permission for digitization and, if that’s successful, they make it into the final list above.

We hope to have these titles coming online in the first half of 2021. If your title didn’t make it this year don’t despair! We welcome repeat submissions, and plan on sending out another call in Fall 2021. 

Newspapers Selected for Digitization, 2017-2018

The following microfilmed newspapers were selected for digitization in 2017-2018. Thanks to supplemental funding from the State Library of North Carolina, we were able to complete more reels than in previous years. Reels were chosen from nominations according to our Criteria for Selecting Newspapers to Digitize from Microfilm.

Title Years Nominating Institution
Alamance Gleaner (Graham, N.C.) 1927-1947 Alamance County Public Libraries
Carolina Indian Voice (Pembroke, N.C.) 1977-1995 UNC Chapel Hill
Carteret County News-Times (Morehead City, N.C.) 1948-1960 Carteret County Public Library
Charlotte Post 1971-1987 Johnson C. Smith University
The Cherokee Scout (Murphy, N.C.) 1944-1988 Murphy Public Library
Duplin Times (Warsaw, N.C.) 1962-1985 Duplin County Library
Enterprise (Williamston, N.C.) 1934-1942 Martin Memorial Library
Farmville Enterprise 1942-1947 Farmville Public Library
Franklin Press and the Highlands Maconian (Franklin, N.C.) 1943-1960 Fontana Regional Library
The Franklin Times (Louisburg, N.C.) 1925-1944; 1963-1969 Louisburg College
Hertford County Herald (Ahoskie, N.C.) 1914-1923 Chowan University
Journal-Patriot (North Wilkesboro, N.C.) 1947-1950 Wilkes County Public Library
Mount Airy News 1917-1929 Surry Community College
News-Record (Marshall, N.C.) 1976-1988 Madison County Public Library
Perquimans Weekly (Hertford, N.C.) 1944-1989 Perquimans County Library
Pilot (Southern Pines, N.C.) 1948-1965 Southern Pines Public Library
The Roxboro Courier (Roxboro, N.C.) 1927-1935 Person County Public Library
Smithfield Herald 1901-1911 Johnston County Heritage Center
Transylvania Times (Brevard, N.C.) 1933-1940 Transylvania County Library
Watauga Democrat (Boone, N.C.) 1950-1963 Watauga County Public Library
Waynesville Mountaineer 1952-1956 Haywood County Public Library
Winston-Salem Chronicle 1997-2016 Forsyth County Public Library

North Carolina Newspapers Report on the Start of World War I

Notice of Archduke's Assassination from Alamance

The Alamance Gleaner’s News Snapshots of the Week for July 9, 1914 included details of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

The notice of the Archduke's assassination published by The Enterprise, The Hickory Democrat, and The Roanoke Beacon.

The notice of the Archduke’s assassination published by The Enterprise, The Hickory Democrat, and The Roanoke Beacon.

One hundred years ago, on June 28, 1914, the Archduke of Austria and his wife were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the nationalist group Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia). Many historians cite this incident as one of the first of several events which led to World War I. In commemoration of the war’s centennial, the staff at the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center will post occasional blog entries which examine the way in which the conflict was covered by newspapers across the state. Blog posts will focus in particular on how the war affected communities in North Carolina. Of the newspapers made available online by Digital NC, ten were in print during the war, each published once per week:

July 2 notice of the Archduke's assassination from The Courier.

July 2 notice of the Archduke’s assassination from The Courier (Asheboro).

The Archduke’s assassination received mention in several of these papers.  The Enterprise, The Hickory Democrat, and The Roanoke Beacon all printed the same column, shown above.  Since the assassination occurred on a Sunday, the news had time to cross the ocean and reach editors before the weekly editions were published on Thursday and Friday.  However, The Alamance Gleaner did not alert their readers to the event until the following week when it was included in the syndicated News Snapshots of the week (see top of post).

Throughout July, tensions in Europe continued to escalate.  By the end of the month, Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia and in early August, Germany declared war on Russia, France, and Belgium.  This led to Britain’s August 4 declaration of war against Germany.

Headline from the July 31 edition of The Carolina Home and Farm and the Eastern Reflector

Headline from the July 31 edition of The Carolina Home and Farm and the Eastern Reflector.

With the beginning of open hostilities, the conflict began to receive more attention in North Carolina newspapers.  In the edition of July 30, The Alamance Gleaner ran a short column headlined “The War Dogs Aloose in Europe,” asserting, “It is now imminent that all Europe will be involved in a bloody conflict.”  On the same day, The Mebane Leader published a column originally printed in The Charlotte Observer in which Serbia is compared to a copperhead snake.  The average American may have been unaware of Europe’s rising tensions only a month ago.  By the first week of August 1914, the tensions had boiled over into full-blown war, making the situation newsworthy to the citizens of North Carolina.

Williamston Enterprise Now Available Online

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.52.22 AM

Historic issues of The Enterprise, a weekly newspaper from Williamston, N.C., are now available in the North Carolina Newspapers digital collection. More than 2,000 issues have been digitized, covering the years 1901 through 1934.

The Enterprise was a great source for local news, especially items of interest to the farming community. This title was nominated for digitization by the Martin Memorial Public Library (Williamston, N.C.).

Newspapers Selected for Digitization, 2013

The following newspapers were digitized from microfilm in 2013.

TitleYearsNominating Institution
The Enterprise (Williamston)1901-1932Martin Memorial Library
Forest City Courier1919-1931Rutherford County Public Library
Danbury Reporter1872-1945Danbury Public Library
Elkin Tribune1930-1940Elkin Public Library
Central Times (Dunn)1891-1895Harnett County Public Library
County Union (Dunn)1897-1899Harnett County Public Library
Democratic Banner (Dunn)1901-1902Harnett County Public Library
Rocky Mount Herald1934-1938Braswell Memorial Library
Press and Carolinian (Hickory)1887-1892Catawba County Library
Hickory Democrat1906-1915Hickory Public Library
Polk County News (Columbus)1902-1921Polk County Public Library
The Carolina Times (Durham)1965-1972Durham County Library
Erwin Chatter (Cooleemee)1944-1954Davie County Public Library
Cooleemee Journal1965-1970Davie County Public Library
Alamance Gleaner (Graham)1875-1880Alamance County Public Library

The following newspapers were digitized from microfilm in 2013.

Title Years Nominating Institution
The Enterprise (Williamston) 1901-1932 Martin Memorial Library
Forest City Courier 1919-1931 Rutherford County Public Library
Danbury Reporter 1872-1945 Danbury Public Library
Elkin Tribune 1930-1940 Elkin Public Library
Central Times (Dunn) 1891-1895 Harnett County Public Library
County Union (Dunn) 1897-1899 Harnett County Public Library
Democratic Banner (Dunn) 1901-1902 Harnett County Public Library
Rocky Mount Herald 1934-1938 Braswell Memorial Library
Press and Carolinian (Hickory) 1887-1892 Catawba County Library
Hickory Democrat 1906-1915 Hickory Public Library
Polk County News (Columbus) 1902-1921 Polk County Public Library
The Carolina Times (Durham) 1965-1972 Durham County Library
Erwin Chatter (Cooleemee) 1944-1954 Davie County Public Library
Cooleemee Journal 1965-1970 Davie County Public Library
Alamance Gleaner (Graham) 1875-1880 Alamance County Public Library

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