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Building a better Bailey — scrapbooks from Braswell Memorial Library


Johnson’s Supermarket, completed in 1956

Three new scrapbooks from the Braswell Memorial Library explore the history of Bailey, North Carolina. Two of these scrapbooks focus on improvement initiatives in Bailey in 1956, and from 1958-1959. The two scrapbooks document construction of new community buildings including a new fire house, a new Boy Scout hut, and a grocery store. Landscaping and other beautification projects are also documented with before and after shots of many improved areas around town. The scrapbooks also include promotional materials focused on getting “Baileyites” excited about these projects.

The third scrapbook includes news clippings about the Bailey Library from 1939-1975. The articles discuss new acquisitions, library open houses, book club meetings, and more.

To learn more about Braswell Memorial Library, visit their partner page, or take a look at their website.


Students helping to landscape Bailey High School


Part of a bulletin urging Baileyites to attend a meeting about the improvement campaign


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