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Collages and memories in Winterville High School yearbooks

A collage of the baseball team in The Searchlight 1956.

A collage of the junior class in The Searchlight 1956.

New editions of The Searchlight yearbook by Winterville High School, located in Winterville, North Carolina, are now up on DigitalNC. They span the years 1956-1958, and were provided by our partner Braswell Memorial Library. These yearbooks feature student and staff portraits, sports photos, and pictures of activities and events. The three yearbooks also include some fun photo collages made by a creative yearbook staff.

An interesting thing about yearbooks provided by our partners is that personal notes written by friends and classmates are sometimes included. The 1956 edition of The Searchlight that we digitized contains several notes from friends and classmates such as, “I enjoyed being your friend very much and can’t wait to see you next year”, and “Best of luck to a nice classmate. I enjoyed listening to you and Sidney in conversation in English class.” These personal touches remind us how much these materials mean to those who have held onto them through the years

To take a look at these yearbooks, follow the links below:

To learn more about Braswell Memorial Library, visit their partner page and take a look at their website.

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