Mill Newspapers and Additional Woman’s Club Scrapbooks from High Point Now Online

A new batch of scrapbooks from the Woman’s Club of High Point and newspapers from local companies have been uploaded to DigitalNC. The scrapbooks came to us from the High Point Museum, and they show the various activities and community services that the women in the club undertook. This batch includes scrapbooks from 1971 through 1993.

High Point Woman's Club Fundraiser

High Point Woman’s Club Fundraiser












Many of the scrapbooks in this batch feature the Club’s fundraiser in partnership with the Southern Furniture Market Center. This fundraiser allowed the club’s members to hold many of their other activities and events throughout the year. Much of what the women did was for charity or volunteer work, but occasionally they would require administrative funds for the club. For example, in 1984, the clubhouse underwent renovations which were well-documented in that year’s scrapbook.

Renovation of the High Point Woman's Clubhouse

Renovation of the High Point Woman’s Clubhouse

Over the course of the years that these scrapbooks cover, the Woman’s Club of High Point had some events and charities in which they participated fairly regularly. One such event was the Arts Festival and Sewing Contest. This is just one example of the Club’s dedication to education and helping youth. Other charities that the Woman’s club supported include the Kidney Foundation, Mobile Meals, the High Point Women’s Shelter, and the Girls’ Haven of North Carolina.

For more information about the High Point Woman’s Club and their scrapbooks, see this previous blog post. To learn about women’s clubs and how they are still functioning today, visit the North Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs website.

In addition to the scrapbooks, the High Point Museum has shared company newspapers from several local businesses on DigitalNC. As with many other company newsletters and newspapers, these contain a mix of company events and milestones as well as employee personal news and accomplishments.

  • 8 Additional issues of Sew It Seams [1948-1963], published by the High Point Overall Company, part of the Anvil Corporation.
  • W. & J. Rives, Inc. Employee Newsletter [1979-1990]

You can view all of the materials contributed by the High Point Museum on DigitalNC.

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