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This blog is maintained by the staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and features highlights from the collections at DigitalNC, an online library of primary sources from institutions across North Carolina.

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“I Said ‘NO’ in the Best Way That I Was Able”: Images of Student Protests over Time in North Carolina Student Publications

The quote in this post’s title comes from a student who participated in a 1989 protest at UNC-Chapel Hill, pictured below.

One of the most historic student protests in the United States happened on this day in 1960 right here in North Carolina. NC A&T students protested segregation by sitting down at a segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro. The first images in this post were taken at that event and come from the 1960 Ayantee yearbook. Other images come from schools in all parts of the state, and date from 1960 through 2012. 

North Carolina college students have passionately protested a variety of issues and events over the years. Looking back through yearbooks and student newspapers, you’ll find editorials with strong opinions and photographs of students standing up and speaking out in this most public of ways. Today we’re sharing the tradition of protest by students over the years, as reported in their own media. 


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College, 1960, Segregation (Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, Greensboro)

North Carolina Central University, 1960, Segregation (Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, Durham)

Livingstone College, 1961-1962, Segregation (Capitol Theater, Salisbury)

Wake Forest University, 1969, Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saint Augustine’s, 1970, Vietnam War

UNC-Chapel Hill, 1977, B-1 Bomber and Nuclear Armament

UNC-Chapel Hill, 1989, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Mitchell Community College, 1990-1991, Hazardous Waste and Environmental Pollution

UNC-Chapel Hill, 1993, Racism

UNC-Asheville, 2012, Hate Crimes

25 Years of the Wake Forest University Jurist Now Available


Wake Forest University Jurist [Fall 1988], page 1

Wake Forest University Jurist [Fall 1988], page 1

25 years of the Wake Forest University School of Law’s Jurist are now available on DigitalNC.

These campus publications document the updates about the goings on Wake Forest School of Law, the accomplishments of alums, and various information about the institution and the field of law generally. These documents could be useful for research

The Jurist was published in the fall and spring semester each year. To browse all of the digitized volumes of the Jurist, follow this link.

To see all of the materials from the Wake Forest University Professional Center Library, please visit the contributor page or the website.

UNC student handbooks now available


Cover of the 1926-1927 Carolina Student Handbook

24 Carolina Student Handbooks from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are now available on DigitalNC. These handbooks span the years 1926-1952 and provide insight into what life was like as an incoming student during that time. The handbooks include academic calendars, campus maps, a welcome from the university president, and helpful information about what to expect as an incoming freshman. The 1926-1927 handbook includes a section about “packing your trunks” and advises freshmen to bring items familiar to current college students such as a set of bed linens, two towels, and a laundry bag, as well as items that may not make it on college packing lists today such as white duck pants, a typewriter, and a dresser scarf. The handbooks also serves as a reminder of how much UNC Chapel Hill has changed over the years. The 1926-1927 handbook has a section on student statistics that lists the student body as including 1,997 undergraduate students, 179 graduate students, and 125 “women students”. That is a far cry form the over 25,000 women and men that make up the current UNC Chapel Hill undergraduate and graduate student body.

These handbooks were published by the Young Men’s Christian Association of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and each handbook includes a special section detailing the association’s objectives, student officers, and campus YMCA facilities.

To see more materials from UNC Chapel Hill, visit their partner page.

Additional issues of the Wake Forest Student now online


A poem from volume 24 issue 5 of the Wake Forest Student

New issues of the Wake Forest Student from our partner Wake Forest University are now upon DigitalNC. These issues are from 1900-1906, and  join the previously digitized issues from 1892-1900.

The Wake Forest Student is a literary magazine that was started in 1882 by the Euzelian Society at Wake Forest University. This magazine contains stories, poems, and essays by local authors, reprints of well-known stories and poems, and editorials and news items specific to Wake Forest University.

One recurring section, “In and About college”, lists sentiments and happenings around campus in successions of increasingly long statements. Included are updates on what faculty, staff, and students have been up to, facilities renovations and information, and recounts of special events. While this section always starts off with a few words on each subject, it ends in longer and longer paragraphs about Wake Forest happenings.

To learn more about Wake Forest University, visit their partner page, or take a look at their website.


The beginning of an “in and about college” section from volume 24 issue 4 of the Wake Forest Student


Richmond Community College course catalogs now available


Fall quarter 1990 course catalog

Richmond Community College course catalogs from 1984-2009 are now up on DigitalNC. These catalogs were published four times a year and include descriptions and schedules for degree and certification focused courses, as well as continuing education classes in a variety of subjects. The catalogs also contain articles focusing on students and faculty members from Richmond Community college.

In this collection, it’s interesting to look at the trends in course offerings from 1984-2009. One can see drastic changes in the role of computer technology in Richmond Community College’s curriculum by comparing the DOS and word processing classes offered in the late 1980s, to the fully online classes and programs offered in the 2000s. One can also see changing recreation trends with continuing education classes in tailoring, flower arranging, and basket weaving being offered in the 1980s, and classes like digital photography, mixology, and sign language being offered in addition to more traditional craft classes in the 2008 catalogs.

Take a look at the new and previously added Richmond Community College catalogs by clicking here.

To learn more about Richmond Community College, take a look at their partner page, or visit their website.

Student handbooks and general catalogs now available from Robeson Community College

Robeson Community College Student Handbook [2001-2002], cover

Robeson Community College Student Handbook [2001-2002], cover

DigitalNC has published new resources from Robeson Community College.This batch includes many pairs of Student Handbooks and General Catalogs for the 1990’s and early 2000’s. They document the campus rules, regulations, and course material for the many programs at the college.

The catalogs and handbooks could be helpful for former students investigating the courses offered during their tenures at the institution. It could also be useful for future students in planning their curriculum. All of the items are full-text searchable and are easy to navigate.

To learn more about Robeson Community College and to use more of their resources please visit their contributor page or their website. To access similar resources from other community colleges please visit the North Carolina Yearbooks Collection and filter by campus publications.

Saint Mary’s Student Blue Books now online

Student Blue Book [1911-1926], page 36

Student Blue Book [1911-1926], page 36

DigitalNC is happy to host nearly 90 years of campus publications from our partner, Saint Mary’s School.

The Student Blue Books could be especially useful for genealogists or historians, as they document the names, activities, and some addresses of the students. The complete run of documents could also be useful for anyone studying change over time in education practices at girls schools.

All of the new items are linked below:

To learn more about the Saint Mary’s School, please visit the contributor page or the homepage. To see more campus publication like these, please visit the North Carolina Yearbooks Collection. Perhaps you’ll find yearbooks from your high school!

New Partner! Wake Forest University Professional Center Library


Wake Forest University Jurist [Spring/Summer 1992], page 7

48 journal issues from a new partner, the Wake Forest University Professional Center Library are now available on DigitalNC!

The Wake Forest Jurist is the alumni magazine associated with the Wake Forest School of Law. The Jurist includes featured stories, news and updates about the law school and prominent alums, and columns from the deans. Issues from 1989-2014 are online.

You can see see all the new issues at the following link. or through the Library’s contributor page. To learn more about the Wake Forest University Professional Center Library, you can also visit their website.

Richmond Community College Handbooks


Richmond Technical Institute, page 0

More than 30 course catalogs and student handbooks are the newest items available from Richmond Community College, located in Hamlet, NC. The catalogs date from the college’s establishment in 1964 through 2010. They feature all of the course offerings from the school’s many degree programs. It is interesting to see digitized versions of these catalogs as more and more schools are moving to digital course catalogs. They are a great resource for those who want to learn more about curriculum development over time. They also contain many photos of the student population.

Below you can see all of the newest additions, listed in chronological order:

To see all of the materials from Richmond Community College, including the yearbooks, please visit the contributor page. For more information about the College, please visit the website.

New Campus Publications from Robeson Community College

newsbeat   fries   hair

Featured Left to Right: Newsletter from Robeson Technical Institute, 1983; Program Promotion Poster, 2000; Program from Cosmetology Department Event, 1978

More than one hundred new items from Robeson Community College are now available on DigitalNC. Formerly known as Robeson Technical College, the college’s latest contributions include a wide assortment of newsletters, programs, advertisements, maps, posters, and images. These document the activities in and around the campus community from the late 1970’s to present.

These items could be useful for anyone interested in Community College programming, which might be helpful for researching small or local economies. They could also be useful for those interested in genealogy research in the Lumberton, N.C. area or Robeson County.

To see all the contributions from Robeson Community College, please visit their contributor page or the their website. To see all of the other campus publications and yearbooks from North Carolina hosted on DigitalNC, please visit the North Carolina Yearbooks Collections.